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SMA Monitoring

SMA Monitoring

SMA Sunny Portal

Whether for residential systems or commercial PV plants, centralized management and system monitoring saves time and money. Plant operators and installers have access to key data at any time. Specialized views take into account the requirements of different types of plants and target groups. The Sunny Portal features almost infinite options for analyzing data and visualizing yields, whether you need a data table or a diagram. The yields of all inverters in a plant are compared automatically, allowing for the detection of even the smallest deviations. The powerful reporting functions also provide regular updates via e-mail to help ensure yields.


• Central administration of all customer and plant data

• Easy-to-understand reporting

• World-wide access via the Internet – via PC or mobile phones


• Rapid diagnosis via access to measured values and event memory

• Key plant data archiving


• Fully automatic yield comparison of devices in a plant

• Professional integration in personal website

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Sunny Webbox with Bluetooth

Monitoring, remote diagnosis, data storage, configuration and visualization from anywhere in the world – the Sunny WebBox.

In the new version, we now have a monitoring solution developed especially for photovoltaic plants up to 100 kW, which will make operation even simpler. This is because the new Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth assures yields quickly and efficiently:

it communicates without cables, is simple to configure and therefore easy to operate.

The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth Wireless Technology. And the data logger not only receives measured values and data from solar inverters via radio link. The values from Sunny SensorBox devices can also be transmitted via Bluetooth. This means you can stay updated on the status of your PV plant around the clock.

Combined with the free online platform Sunny Portal, the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth is the fundamental module for continuous yield monitoring.

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Tigo Energy - Monitoring

Tigo Energy - Monitoring

Tigo Energy provides power optimisation solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, allowing owners to get the most of their solar power systems.

Apart from the fantastic optimization qualities, Tigo Energy provides excellent remote monitoring functions. It provides system owners with the ability to monitor the system performance at the module-level. Not only will it provide performance data it will also alert system owners to poorly performing panels or other troubleshooting.

Using the Tigo Energy System you’re also able to remotely disconnect and deactivate the modules in case of fire or other safety hazard, giving you added piece of mind.

The benefit to consumers of investing in Smart Module technology includes: greater power density / efficiency, which in turn improves return on investment (ROI); the ability to monitor performance at the module-level for speedy identification of poorly performing panels and other troubleshooting.

Tigo does not manufacture its own solar panels; instead the company works with leading solar manufacturers to develop Smart Modules. ASD provide the Trina Smart Module with Tigo System integrated into the module.

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