Residential Lease options

Looking to finance a Solar Energy System for your Home? Our Solar Finance partner can make it simple!

• Go Solar for $0 up-front (including installation and design of your custom system).

• Just pay a simple monthly fee (often less than your current electricity bill).

• It's easy with flexible terms of up to 10 years and low doc applications available.

ASD have teamed up with Solar Finance Solutions to provide every home owner with the opportunity to Go Solar. With electricity prices rising far more rapidly than the average wage, installing a solar system is a perfect opportunity to reduce your electricity bills. You'll protect your home or business from future power price rises because you will need much less power from the grid.

The cost of electricity is expected to continue to climb dramatically in the coming years. This is largely a result of power companies having to spend big to upgrade their transmission networks.

Reducing your consumption (via energy efficiency) or producing your own power (from the sun) helps you avoid paying some of these high costs.

With a Solar Financial Solutions finance arrangement you can often lower your energy costs and reduce your electricity bills immediately without paying anything up-front.

It's win-win especially in these times of rapidly rising electricity costs! You will literally save thousands of dollars over the life of your solar system. And with little or no upfront cost means little or no waiting for your system to start saving you money!

Who wouldn't want to save with clean energy?


• No deposit (Includes installation & design)

• Immediate savings on your bills

• Flexible terms up to 7 years

• Option to buy at the end of rental

• Low Doc options available

• 48 hour approval

• Installation and manufacturing warranties (Up to 25 years for Solar PV systems)


1. Call us and we will discuss your options further and begin the application process

2. Using the latest technology & systems, we will size your system and equipment and arrange for installation

3. Your combined Solar Finance repayments & new utility bill should be less than what you used to pay.