Business doesn’t think much about to put a solar panels system to increase the financial strategy, it’s a great way to decrease cost and increase profit more & also will help to reduce the bill on electricity. They increase every year and generally they increase a higher rate of inflation.

Benefits of Solar power system:

By installing a solar power system, the company will significantly reduce over or a minimum of 25years of electricity bill. It will help you to increase the budget to develop the business on another level.

  1. Solar is also a great investment your business can gain 30% returns and more with minimum risk, in other words, you can recover your investments within 3years.
  2. Environment benefits 1 kilowatt = 1 Ton of Carbon every year is = to 20 trees every year
  3. The incentive to install solar now a day the solar panels price has been decreased like ever now it’s easily affordable. It’s reduced solar investments. The federal investment tax credit is 30% of the total cost of investment. Keep it in mind it is not a deduction this is $ for $ credit.

This is affordable now there are leasing options:

  • Operating leases
  • Capital leases
  • PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)

Each option significantly reduces your electricity cost without any upfront investments. These financial options as low or no money down and big savings on your electricity bills. In other words, it is cash follow positive from day one. The extra energy after your usage you can sale to the grid and can earn extra money to explore your business.

Invest in your property

Aside from saving on energy, buying a solar system for your building is a great investment in the property’s worth. Solar panels are durable, safe, and easy to install, which means you’ll rarely have to worry about repairs, but you still get to reap the rewards. If you ever plan to move on from the property, then Origin has you covered through a simple sales transfer of ownership.

Get your solar panels for your commercial property easy finance and loan is available with ASD.

Plan commercial solar panels with us and expand business in a new way to save money save the environment.

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