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Solar companies to follow in 2020: Commercial PV installation

There’s no way around the fact that sustainable development is needed to create a greener, healthier environment. Although solar power has many advantages than expectations and is one of the most beneficial and effective types of renewable energy, not enough people are aware of this, they can save thousands of $ on the electricity bill.

Fortunately, there are many companies dedicated to raising awareness about the personal benefits of solar panels as well as their valuable contribution to the environment and society.

We have collected details of Top 5 solar companies in Australia to honor the hard work and dedication towards their work. Choose your solar panels PV system for your commercial property.

Companies name and details:

  1. ASD: Australian solar design
  2. Sunboost
  3. German Energy
  4. Luxco energy
  5. 3p solar

ASD: Australian Solar Designs Pyt. Ltd. : 1300-233-736

This company especially works for Commercial properties in all over Australia. ASD has an expert team to design the solar plant on the roof of your property. ASD works for 50kw,100kw,200kw,500kw,1000kw, 100mw and according to the needs of the power supplies to your commercial property.

Australian Solar Designs Pty Ltd (ASD) was established in 2009 and is run by a team of industry professionals with vast solar experience and a passion for contributing to Australia’s Clean Energy Future. ASD is part of the National Solar Energy Group with a strong Balance Sheet and impressive Financial Accounts.

To date, ASD has completed over 4,000 Solar Photovoltaic installations including multiple large commercial installations across the country. ASD was selected in 2014 as the exclusive installer for Solar PV systems under the ACT Solar School Program (a Government Grant Program). Through this program, ASD installed and commissioned solar PV Systems on 22 schools throughout the ACT.
Visit ASD:

Sunboost Pyt. Ltd. : 1300-786-266

Sun Boost is an Australia’s Most Trusted Largest Solar Retailer Company. It provider residential and commercial solar electricity, Headquartered in Sydney, NSW.

People Choose Sunboost because It combines the reliability that comes with the state-of-the-art system engineering and design of a solar system with personalized service and local knowledge. Easily compare Sunboost with other companies because it provides AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY, QUALITY ASSURANCE, BEST PRICE GUARANTEE, SEAMLESS PROCESS

Every SunBoost solar system comes with 25 years’ linear power output warranty on panels and 10 years’ workmanship warranty. see why Sunboost is your best choice for your solar needs on
Visit Sunboost:

German Energy: 1300 360 700

German Energy provides one-stop solutions for your solar power needs with the finest deals for Home, Business and, Farm properties also have house calls to inspect and service an existing solar system.
They have 1.5KW Solar System to 6kw solar system, In there package Customised System design and Designing support for complex sites are available.

Unlike most other Solar PV Retailers, German Energy ensures every consumer gets the best experience in whatever we do, every day. they put the best effort into all we do, from quotation to installation and beyond services. they will closely follow your project.

Their team will take you through the process of suggesting the components to designing the best solar power system, from documentation to installation and the maintenance schedule of your solar power system. they will offer you the most efficient solar power at affordable prices which will reduce your electricity bills along with your carbon footprint.
Visit German Energy:

Luxco Energy: 1300-859-938

Luxco Energy provides services of wholesale solar panels and solar solutions; Luxco Energy is Australian based Solar Panel Company. Luxco Energy Solar started with 4 employees and a 100 m2 warehouse, a modest operation focused on high-quality products and market-leading customer service.

There have different kinds of product ranges of Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Batteries, and mounting Kits. With the aim to make solar power for homes, communities, businesses, and schools, a viable and affordable option for hundreds of thousands of people across Australia. Luxco Energy Solar maintains strong relationships with our many suppliers, which is reflected in our ability to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.
Visit Luxco energy:

3p solar : 1300-373-637

3psolar(Price, Performance & Power) Established in 2017, focused on providing the most cost-effective solar solutions to the customers ranging from small scale to the largest scale commercial and industrial companies, as well as government organizations, across Australia.

3P Solar is focused on providing the most cost-effective solar solutions in the market to business customers, from the SME segment to the largest Commercial & Industrial (C&I) businesses in the country.
We pride ourselves in being able to provide to our customers, fit for purpose solar solutions, at competitive prices.

3P Solar provides industry-leading 5-year system warranty for bespoke solar solutions for home/ business, corporate and government customers, with revolutionary pricing, guaranteed output. 3p Provide strong vertical integration: Direct Purchasing, Volume, Direct installation crews, Lowest overhead cost and Lowest cost finance.

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This all is top 5 companies in Australia, Which are working across Australia. Get your solar panels now with the experts of these companies enjoy government rebates and FiTs as well. Save the money on electricity bills.

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