Your Payment Options

After choosing to go solar, selecting ASD to supply and install your Solar PV System the next step is to decide how you would like to purchase the System.

We provide three options:

1. Outright payment on day of Installation

2. Finance

3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Require finance?

ASD have teamed up with Solar Financial Solutions to provide every home and business owner with the opportunity to Go Solar. With electricity prices rising far more rapidly than the average wage, installing a solar system is a perfect opportunity to reduce your electricity bills. You'll protect your home or business from future power price rises because you will need much less power from the grid.

Contact an ASD consultant for more information about your options for finance.

Benefits of Finance

- $0 Upfront – depending on the finance option you select, you may be eligible for $0 upfront which means you can immediately begin saving on your electricity bill from the day the system is up and running

- FREE Pre-approval in 15 minutes (if Rental Lease application can take up to 48hrs, mainly applicable for Commercial premises)

- Low doc criteria

- Ability to make additional repayments at any time and save on interest with no penalties

- Repayments may be fully tax deductible (seek further advice from your Accountant))

- Option to purchase at the end of finance term

- It's easy with flexible terms of up to 10 years


1. Call us and we will discuss your options further and begin the application process

2. Using the latest technology & systems, we will size your system and equipment and arrange for installation

3. Your combined Solar Finance repayments & new utility bill should be less than what you used to pay.

About Solar Financial Solutions

A seasoned team of experts with a track record in the energy, consulting, finance and carbon markets. They have hit the ground running with their unique approach to financing clean energy systems in Australia and have found tremendous success. They truly believe clean energy should be available to everyone.

“For the past 5 years we have been helping hundreds of customers to finance their solar & energy efficient equipment and save money on their electricity bills. Our straight forward online application form is easy to fill in, our customer service team is exceptional and our processes are built to stand the test of time.”

To learn more about Solar Financial Solutions visit