Trina Solar

  • Mono-crystalline Module

  • 330W Power Output

  • 19.9 % Maximum Efficiency

  • 0 - + 5 W Positive Power Tolerance

  • High power output

  • Combined with MBB technology

  • Outstanding visual appearance

  • Designed with aesthetics in mind

  • Thinner wires that appear all black at a distance

  • Half-cell design brings Higher Efficiency

  • Half-Cell layout (120 mono-crystalline) PERC Technology

  • Lower Thermal co-efficients for greater energy production at high operating temperature.

  • Low cell connection power loss due to half-cell layout (120 mono-crystalline)

Jinko Solar

The most reliable solar brand on the planet. At Jinko Solar we have a proven track record as the ideal partner for making the best photovoltaic (PV) modules and delivering unparalleled service on our way to becoming the most chosen module brand in the market.



    PID Free Module :
  • Mono-crystalline Module

  • Higher Lifetime Power Yield :
  • 0.5% annual power degradation, 30 Years linear power warranty

  • Saving BOS Cost :
  • Designed for high voltage systems of up to 1500 VDC, saving BOS cost

  • Improved Durability and Reliability :
  • Dual glass reduces micro-cracking, snail trails, corrosions caused by moisture, sand, salt mist, acid, alkali, etc.

  • Less Maintenance Requirement :
  • Reduced soiling and snow coverage requires less maintenance and enhances fire safety

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design :
  • White back sheet maximizes module efficiency up to 16.84%(60-poly max. Output 275W);Transparent back sheet increases light transmission, ideal for installations requiring light to pass through

  • Strengthened Mechanical Support :
  • 5400 Pa snow load, 2400 Pa wind load

  • 10 Year Product Warranty 30 Year Linear Power Warranty 0.5% Annual Degradation over 30 years

Seraphim Solar

As a world-class solar products manufacturer, Seraphim specializes in research, development, production, and sales of solar PV products. Since its foundation in 2011, Seraphim has accomplished significant achievements which outpaced most of our main competitors in terms of production capacity and in the number of innovative designs. Seraphim upholds its belief that innovation is the key driver behind advancement by pursuing new technologies and higher efficiencies. Seraphim is accredited as Batch I Smart Manufacturing Plant by Jiangsu Government, the Witness Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (WMTC) by CSA and TMP Laboratory Certificate by TUV SUD. These are examples of Seraphim’s endeavors and achievements in innovation within the industry. We are proud to be a leader in the PV industry in terms of technological innovations. Seraphim is listed as Tier 1 solar module maker by BNEF. Currently, Seraphim has a global production capacity of 5GW. Seraphim serves worldwide customers with high-quality products and professional services. So far more than 6GW Seraphim’s products have been widely applied in over 40 countries.


  • Bankable products

  • Top rank in Photon yield measurement

  • Safety for salt mist corrosion Safety for ammonia corrosion

  • Safety for fire risk (Class C tested in TÜV SÜD and Rheinand)

  • Outstanding power output capability at low irradiance

  • Triple 100% Electroluminescence (EL) tests minimize breakage rate

  • World 1st company to pass “Thresher Test” and “On-site Power Measure ment Validation” certificate

  • Anti-PID products, passing TÜV SÜD system voltage durability test

  • Tested and certified according to newest IEC standard IEC61730-1:2016, IEC61730-2:2016, IEC61215-1:2016, IEC61215-2:2016


  • Quality management system ISO 14001: Standard for environmental management system OHSAS 18001: International standard for occupational health and safety assessment system


Technologically, the inverter is the most important component of a PV plant. It converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into alternating current compliant with the grid requirements – for self-consumption or feed-in to the power distribution grid. As an intelligent system manager, it also monitors both the PV array and the power distribution grid.

As a system technology specialist, SMA has been developing and distributing high-quality PV inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management for over 30 years. A leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. More than 5,000 SMA employees in 21 countries have devoted themselves to this task.

SMA inverters also perform important grid management functions, which are becoming increasingly important as electricity production from renewable sources grows.

SMA’s advanced monitoring systems allow our customers to gain full visibility of how their systems are performing through access to real time data. For further information please refer to our page on Monitoring Systems.

Please click below to learn more about ASD preferred SMA Inverters for Commercial Installations.


Fronius Symo Inverters

  • Maximum Flexibility for the Applications of Tomorrow

  • With power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for every system size. Owing to the SuperFlex Design, the Fronius Symo is the perfect answer to irregularly shaped or different roof orientations. A WLAN or Ethernet internet connection as standard plus easy integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market. Furthermore, the meter interface permits dynamic feed-in management and a clear visualisation of consumption.

    Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for systems of every size. Owing to the Super Flex Design, the Fronius Symo is the perfect answer to irregularly shaped or multi-oriented roofs. The standard interface to the internet via WLAN or Ethernet and the ease of integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market.

Fronius Eco Inverters

  • The Compact Project Inverter for Maximum Yields

  • The Three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations. Thanks to its light weight and SnapINverter mounting system, this transformerless device can be installed quickly and easily either indoors or outdoors. This inverter series sets new standards with its IP 66 protection class. In addition, its integrated all-pole string fuse holders and optional DC fuse mean that string collection boxes are no longer required.


ABB offers a comprehensive range of power converters and inverters for use in a wide range of applications across all industries.

ABB power converters and inverters help customers to generate and use energy efficiently. They are designed for reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions, and for low life cycle costs.

ABB power converters and inverters are backed by global support and service.



The SolarEdge single phase inverter with HD-Wave technology breaks the mold of traditional solar inverters. Winner of the prestigious 2016 Intersolar Award and the renowned 2018 Edison Award, the single phase inverter is specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimisers and features a standard 12-year warranty extendable to 20 or 25 years.

Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics is an Australian software company founded by solar industry veterans, data scientists, developers and passionate PV experts.

We design, develop and supply intelligent solar and energy monitoring solutions.

Our mission is to empower people to navigate the changing energy landscape.


Clenergy Solar Mounting System

With its genesis in Australia and foot print across the world, Clenergy has grown from being a boutique solar solutions provider in to a passionate, globally renowned renewable energy company with nearly 400 employees and offices around four continents.

Clenergy’s products and services have become synonymous with quality and innovation, delivering a wide range of solutions to the industry. Our mounting systems are industry benchmarks, our large scale inverters are leading edge. The service at Clenergy is renowned as being friendly, reliable and professional.

To drive continued success we invest heavily in research, development, service, and our people and partners. It’s this approach that makes Clenergy a trusted long term partner with a reputation as the passionate expert in the renewable energy sector.

Clenergy is committed to locally delivering a wide range of products and services: local expert staff answers your questions, local logistic companies deliver you our products and local engineers ensure that every code and regulation is fully complied with. Our partners count on us before, during and after the installation. You can rest assured that when you partner with Clenergy you’ve made the right decision.

Clenergy is proud to support its customers and is committed to making the world a cleaner and safer place for future generations.

Grace Solar Technology

Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of "renewable energy investment, engineering PV power station service, photovoltaic power station construction scheme and the whole product" the three services as one of the high-tech enterprises. Grace Solar members devote themselves to research, design, manufacture and sell the steady, trustable and cost-efficient solar PV mounting system solutions. As the famous PV solar products exporter in China, the pioneering Grace Solar products have been installed in more than 100 countries and regions since it established.


VG Solar Technology

VG Solar was established in Shanghai in January 2013, which specializes in the development of Solar PV mounting system, design, manufacturing, sale and installation. As one of the top professional solar mounting brackets supplier, since its establishment, the products have been exported to many countries and regions.

We have our own innovation R & D team, toward the forefront of technology and continuously explore and practice. Products in the research and design process in strict accordance with different country‘s standard, not only through the UL, TUV, Golden Sun certification, but also actively introducing a number of international management systems such as ISO9001, MSA, FMEA, etc. It has supplied products throughout China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Chile and the United Kingdom, more than 30 countries and regions in the world.

Fronius Smart Meter

The Bidirectional Meter for Recording Power Consumption in the Home

The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter that optimises self-consumption and records the household's load curve. Thanks to highly accurate measurements and rapid communication via the Modbus RTU interface, dynamic feed-in control is faster and more accurate when feed-in limits are imposed than with S0 meters.

Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter presents a clear overview of power consumption within the home. In the Fronius Energy Package storage solution, which is based on the Fronius Symo Hybrid, the Fronius Smart Meter provides perfectly coordinated management of the various energy flows and optimises overall energy management.

It is ideally suited for use with the Fronius Symo, Fronius Symo Hybrid, Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo and Fronius Eco inverters, as well as the Fronius Datamanager 2.0.


Solar Edge Monitoring

The monitoring platform provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts at the module level, string level and system level. No hardware or wiring is required to transmit data from the power optimizers to the inverter: the monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the Solar Edge power optimizer and solar inverter, and measurement data is transmitted over the regular power lines.


Key Benefits

    Full visibility of your system's technical and financial performance, including interactive charts and site layout
    Visualization of PV production, building consumption, and self-consumption
    Data presentation at the module-level, string-level and system level
    Comprehensive site-level and fleet-level reporting and analysis tools with an option to schedule automatic reports and export reports
    Effective fleet management and improved O&M capabilities :
  • Automatic alerts on system issues

  • Remote troubleshooting and access to real-time system data and guided root-cause fault analysis

  • High resolution data, including historical and aggregated views with comparative analysis diagnostics

  • Easy access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet
    Multiple options for social sharing and public display to drive referrals and generate leads
    Free for 25 years

All these features enable integrators, installers, maintenance staff, and system owners to improve the site performance, assure the yield of the system, maximize solar power harvesting and reduce maintenance costs by increasing system up-time and resolving faults more effectively.

The physical layout of the monitoring platform allows you to monitor systems at the module level, and pinpoint issues to the exact location of each module on a virtual site map.

To create and edit your site's physical layout quickly and easily, use the SolarEdge Mapper application or the web-based layout editor.

ABB VSN300 Wifi Logger Card

The VSN300 Wifi Logger Card is an advanced expansion board for ABB’s UNO and TRIO string inverters* which provides residential and commercial users with an advanced and cost-effective solution for monitoring and controlling their photovoltaic system.

The VSN300 Wifi Logger Card is easy to install on most existing string inverters* by using the inverter’s internal expansion slot.

The built-in IP networking connectivity and innovative Wi-Fi commissioning techniques enable this card to be easily configured for most Wi-Fi networks and access points without installing any additional external devices.


  • The Wi-Fi Certified™ mark assures interoperability with IEEE 802.11b/g/n networks over the 2.4GHz band

  • Easily installed on new and existing UNO and TRIO string inverters

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) support

  • Local, remote monitoring in one solution

  • High performance non-volatile data logging

  • High-speed inverter data exchange through Hyperlink (where available)

  • Modbus TCP server for SCADA integration

  • SunSpec certified Modbus mapping for easy integration

  • Secured and encrypted data transfer to Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform


    ABB offers several Data Logger systems for residential, commercial and utility PV systems*.


Data Logger Commercial

This high-performance data management system for commercial PV system operations collects data from up to 10 ABB inverters* and one weather station, logs it on site, and then acts as an internet gateway to send the data in near real time to be stored on ABB’s servers where it is accessible via a web browser.

Using the data collected by this data manager and in combination with the browser accessible Plant Viewer, tracking of energy production will both; demonstrate the environmental benefits such as carbon reduction and will make performance ratio degradation more visible, enabling timely cleaning and maintenance.

Sunny Webbox With Bluetooth

Monitoring, remote diagnosis, data storage, configuration and visualization from anywhere in the world – the Sunny WebBox.

In the new version, we now have a monitoring solution developed especially for photovoltaic plants up to 100 kW, which will make operation even simpler. This is because the new Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth assures yields quickly and efficiently it communicates without cables, is simple to configure and therefore easy to operate.

The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth Wireless Technology. And the data logger not only receives measured values and data from solar inverters via radio link. The values from Sunny SensorBox devices can also be transmitted via Bluetooth. This means you can stay updated on the status of your PV plant around the clock.

Combined with the free online platform Sunny Portal, the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth is the fundamental module for continuous yield monitoring.

Sma Monitoring


Whether for residential systems or commercial PV plants, centralized management and system monitoring saves time and money. Plant operators and installers have access to key data at any time. Specialized views take into account the requirements of different types of plants and target groups. The Sunny Portal features almost infinite options for analyzing data and visualizing yields, whether you need a data table or a diagram. The yields of all inverters in a plant are compared automatically, allowing for the detection of even the smallest deviations. The powerful reporting functions also provide regular updates via e-mail to help ensure yields.


  • Central administration of all customer and plant data

  • Easy-to-understand reporting

  • World-wide access via the Internet – via PC or mobile phones

  • Reliable

  • Rapid diagnosis via access to measured values and event memory

  • Key plant data archiving

  • Informative

  • Fully automatic yield comparison of devices in a plant

  • Professional integration in personal website


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