FINANCE OPTIONS For Commercial solar system

No Upfront Cost

  • Commercial Solar

    Immediate savings on your electricity bills

  • Commercial Solar

    Repayments may be fully deductible


A major reason many businesses don’t install energy saving equipment is due to the large upfront cost of the solution.

ASD has teamed up with leading industry specialists to provide clients with a number of finance plans that let you install an energy saving system without a large upfront payment so you can immediately enjoy lower electricity bills.

In many cases, the finance arrangement will be cash flow positive (your finance payments are less than energy bill savings).


In certain circumstances ASD will make an offer of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The PPA requires no investment from you.

ASD and its Partners own the system outright and are responsible for all ongoing service and maintenance.

You only buy the electricity generated by the system at an agreed discount to your current electricity rates so you get the benefit of lower electricity costs without the capital outlay.


  • Commercial SolarNo Upfront Cost
  • Commercial SolarImmediate savings on your energy bill
  • Commercial SolarFlexible terms and payment options
  • Commercial SolarRepayments may be fully tax deductible (seek advice from your Accountant)
  • Commercial SolarEasy application process
  • Commercial SolarFast approvals
  • Commercial SolarInstallation and manufacturing warranties (Up to 25 years for Solar PV systems)

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