By harnessing the sun’s energy we could be producing enough electricity to power all of Australia’s Commercial industry, as well as putting an end to our reliance on unsustainable and environmentally-damaging sources of energy. Read on and get acquainted with this revolutionary form of energy production.


  • Solar power is electricity that is generated using the potential energy found in sunlight; and if there’s one thing that Australia has got a lot of, it’s sunlight!

  • Far cleaner than traditional methods of electricity production – like coal-burning power stations – solar power is one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy. Once produced, this energy can used right away or be stored in batteries and used later.

  • The most common way to convert sunlight into electricity is to use banks of photovoltaic cells. These cells usually take the form of solar panels. These cells use silicon crystals to convert the sunlight into direct current (DC) power, which is then converted into the alternating current (AC) that you use in the business.


    • In a word: hugely! On average, solar power plants produce around 90% less greenhouse gases than coal or gas-fired power stations, and the levels greenhouse emissions associated with solar power are falling all the time as the process becomes more efficient.

    • As well as improving the health of the planet, solar power could improve the health of your bank account. By using the energy created by your Solar System you are reducing the amount of energy you require from the local electricity grid. The reduction of the energy you require from the grid results in a reduction of your electricity bill.

    • But there is one thing to note. Solar energy can only be produced during the day when sunlight is available, this is generally during a time when the property is unoccupied and electricity needs are lower. The period in which electricity is at its most desired is in the morning or late evening/ night. Depending on the size of the Solar System you select there are cases where the Solar System will produce more energy than what is required during the day. This excess energy that is produced is fed back into the local electricity grid.

    • All states in Australia operate a grid feed-in system, by which individuals are paid by the government for the power they feed back into the grid via renewable sources. Installing solar panels on your property could earn you between 5.3 and 12 cents for every kilowatt-hour you feed into the national grid, which could translate into further savings from your electricity bill.

    • Businesses are a little different. Majority operate during the peak time for Solar production, whilst the sun is at its brightest. Therefore the business could greatly benefit from the energy as it is being produced. Businesses demand majority of their electricity during the day, the optimum time for Solar energy production.

    • Australia needs more of its citizens to join the solar power revolution. By installing solar panels on your roof, you are helping to spearhead the movement towards renewable and sustainable energy sources, a cleaner planet and a brighter future for Australia.


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