Residential Solar

Two of the main factors that lead Home Owners to invest in Solar Energy are:

- The increase of electricity prices and the hefty electricity bills

- The appeal of clean energy and how we can help the environment


Data and research shows that electricity prices were relatively flat through the 1990s, but have increased across Australia from 2007.

Electricity prices, particularly in NSW, have doubled since 2007-08. The average electricity bill in 2007-08 was approx $1013 per annum. The average electricity bill in NSW has now increased to approx $2073 per annum. Network costs have accounted for more than half of this increase, despite demand for energy declining in recent years.

By going Solar, you are now able to protect yourself against imminent electricity price rises by decreasing your reliance on the electricity sourced from your Local Network provider. The Energy from the Sun is free, by collecting and using this energy you will be able to decrease your electricity spend.

Solar power can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your electricity bill every year. The savings you can achieve from installing a solar power system depends on the size of the system you install on your home.

Key Benefits

• Save Thousands of Dollars

• offset your electricity consumption and hedge against future price rises

• Take advantage of current Government rebates and incentives

• Increase Your Home Value. Solar panels can increase a home`s appeal on the market

• The Solar System is guaranteed to provide electricity cleanly and quietly for 25+ years as Solar Panels carry a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty

• Contribute to the battle against global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of fuels


The Jones’s

Mr & Mrs Jones own an average size lovely three bedroom home in NSW. Their average quarterly electricity spend was approx $550, their retailer charged them approx 23c per kWh they consumed. Their roof space was sized to accommodate a maximum of a 3kW Solar Energy System. This system would produce for them approx 11.7 kWhs per day and 4,270 kWhs per year. In dollar terms this would result in a saving of $2.69 per day, that is a saving of approx $245 off their quarterly bill. By going Solar the Jones’s realised that they had the opportunity to decrease their electricity bills by 55%.

Mr & Mrs Jones were quoted a cost $4,000.00 for the supply and installation of a 3kW Solar System for their home. They ran the figure against their potential savings and quickly learned that the return on their investment would be approx 4 years. With the lifetime of a Solar System being 25 years, they had the opportunity the save themselves thousands of dollars.

The Jones’s accepted the Quotation and are now the proud owners of a Solar Energy System. How could they say no!

*Please note that all information above is for example purposes only. All figures are estimates are based on averages and the 100% usage of solar generation by the home owner*

5 simple steps to go Solar


1. Contact ASD by phone or enter your details in the quick quote forms

2. Provide ASD with a copy of your most recent electricity bill

3. Arrange a time for a full site visit and assessment

4. Review your proposal from ASD

5. Accept your proposal and arrange a date for Installation of the Solar System