Government rebates and FiT : Solar PV system

Government Incentives are still available

Since 2009, the Federal Labor Government introduced the Solar Credits Scheme as an incentive to invest in renewable energy as part of a Renewable Energy Target (RET) introduced by the Coalition Government in 2001.

The scheme is available to business owners and nonprofit organizations and entitles you to receive an upfront incentive in the form of Small Technology Certificates (STC) for solar systems up to 100kW in size or Large Generation Certificates (LGC) paid in arrears based on actual system generation for systems over 100kW. These certificates help to improve the ROI and business case for solar.

Things to Note

  • Commercial SolarOn STC Systems you assign you’re your right to receive the STC’s to ASD. We will sell them in the market as an upfront point of purchase discount on your system
  • Commercial SolarFor LGC systems, you are required to Register as a Power Station with the Clean Energy Regulator. You can then claim LGC’s in arrears, based on actual system generation which can be sold in the market to generate revenue. ASD can help you through this process is required.
  • Commercial SolarYou can claim STC’s on systems up to 100kW. If you install a system and later add to it, you can claim further STC’s up to the 100kW
  • Commercial SolarSTC’s and LGC’s are paid on a per property basis – if you have multiple properties incentives apply to all.


A Solar Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) is the price you are paid for every unused kWh of Solar Electricity generated by your system and fed back into the electricity grid.

Until recently, generous FiT’s were paid by electricity retailers. That is not the case these days.

Whether you will receive a FiT and how much is dependent upon your electricity retailer. You should consult with them if you are considering a solar system.

Systems up to 30kW usually receive a FiT but above 30kW may not.

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