Did you know Electricity prices (particularly in NSW) have risen by up to 54% over the past 3 years and over 150% in the last 7 years. The average medium size business receives a bill of approx $30,000- $50,000 per year. Save on electricity bills investing with PV system is a smart decision.

  • Commercial Solar Solutions: ASD's dedicated team of consultants is here to guide you through the solar journey, helping you unlock the numerous benefits of solar energy for your commercial property. We recognize that each business has unique energy needs and consumption patterns, which is why we offer personalized solutions to suit your exact requirements.

  • Understanding Solar Power: Our expert consultants will demystify the world of solar energy, explaining how it works and its advantages for your business. With our guidance, you'll gain a clear understanding of how solar power can revolutionize your energy consumption and reduce ongoing electricity costs.

  • Tailored Solutions for Maximum Savings: ASD takes a holistic approach to your energy needs. Our solar experts will provide you with comprehensive advice, ensuring you choose the Solar Power System that maximizes energy cost savings and offers the best possible returns for your investment.

  • On-Site Consultation: Taking the next step towards solar power is easy with ASD. We arrange a full on-site visit by one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable solar professionals. During this visit, we'll assess your property's solar potential and help you make an informed investment decision.

  • No Upfront Costs, Endless Benefits: ASD understands that transitioning to solar can be a significant financial commitment. That's why our solar consultants can show you a range of technology options that allow you to get started with no upfront costs. We make it simple for your business to embrace solar power and reap the rewards of reduced energy bills.

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  • Ready to embark on your journey towards a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future for your commercial property? Reach out to Australian Solar Designs today. Our team is dedicated to helping you harness the power of the sun and enjoy the immediate benefits of solar energy. Don't wait; take control of your energy costs and secure a brighter, greener tomorrow for your business with ASD.


Reduce your operating costs, offset your electricity consumption and hedge against future price rises.

Take advantage of current government financial incentives on PV system.

Maximize your return on investment and savings with a highly tailored solar solution.

The Solar System will provide electricity cleanly and quietly for 25+ years as the Solar Panels carry a 25 year performance warranty.

Solar systems are just as functional and more reliable than standard utility electricity and require little maintenance.

Contribute to the battle against global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of fossil fuels.

Separate your business from your competitors by using the Solar System to your marketing advantage. People like a business that is doing their part to help the environment and make a difference.

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