Commercial Solar


Did you know Electricity prices (particularly in NSW) have risen by up to 54% over the past 3 years and over 150% in the last 7 years. The average medium size business receives a bill of approx $30,000- $50,000 per year

A Solar Power System can help you future proof your business from the ever rising electricity tariffs & further charges such as carbon pricing, network charges and peak demand. 

By going solar you could save your business $000’s of dollars per annum and be satisfied that you have made an excellent investment. With the expected life of a Solar System being 25 years, your business will continue to receive huge savings on electricity costs well past the return period of your investment. In a lot of cases the payback period for a Solar System on a Commercial Premise is 3-4 years.

In some cases, businesses can even enjoy tax deductions from the depreciation of the system. Also by investing in a Solar system, the rate of return on your investment will be greater than having your money in the bank earning interest.

Contact one of our consultants and we will examine your energy history, site location & variables & provide you with a detailed proposal and suggest the best suit for your business. The proposal will provide details of system components, system production and expected performance, your expected payback period and return on investment, as well as the net cost and value of the investment.

Ask our consultants about our leasing options which will allow you to keep your cash, or use it to purchase other assets for your business, and still save on electricity expenses.

We understand that the decision to invest in Solar can be a lengthy process and we pride ourselves on making sure our customers are informed at every stage.


Key Benefits

• Reduce your operating costs, offset your electricity consumption and hedge against future price rises.

• Take advantage of current government financial incentives. 

• Maximize your return on investment and savings with a highly tailored solar solution.

• The Solar System will provide electricity cleanly and quietly for 25+ years and Solar Panels carry a 25 year performance warranty.

• Solar systems are just as functional and more reliable than standard utility electricity and require little maintenance.

• Contribute to the battle against global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of fossil fuels.

• Separate your business from your competitors by using the Solar System to your marketing advantage. People like a business that is doing their part to help the environment and make a difference.