Hilltops Council–NSW


Client: Hilltops Council – Young Sewerage Treatment Plant

Location: Chillingworks Rd, NSW, 2594

Project Size: 98.4 kW

Product Details: 246 X TRINA 400 W PERC Mono MBB – 144 Half Cut Cells – Silver Frame,
1 X SMA STP 50 kW 3 Phase 6 MPPT Core 1 Grid Connect (STP 50-40) Inverters,
1 X SMA STP 25.0TL 3 Phase 2 MPPT Grid Connect (STP25000TL-30) Inverters

Description: Hilltops Council's transition to solar will reduce their dependence on the electricity grid. Their first ground mount solar installation of 98.4 kW by Australian Solar Designs will help the Council to lower carbon emissions, generate solar savings, and protect against fluctuating electricity rates. Savings generated from solar will be used for the enhancement of community services, while creating a green future for coming generations.

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