Jaycar PTY LTD


Client: Jaycar PTY LTD

Location: 46 Eastern Creek Dr, Eastern Creek, NSW, 2766

Project Size: 799.68 KW

Product Details: Seraphim 280 W Poly Silver Frame (SRP-280-BPB) modules × 2816
SMA STP 50 kW 3 Phase 6 MPPT Core 1 Grid Connect (STP 50-40) × 12

Description: Jaycar Electronics Group has decided to switch to commercial solar by engaging Australian Solar Designs. The 799.68 KW solar PV system helps to minimize the utility bills. Also, it will make a small contribution to reduce the carbon emission by using clean energy through Solar PV system. Jaycar Electronics will get the more benefit from this renewable resources during the peak shoulder time as it will usually operates during the daytime.

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