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Solar Battery Solutions

Solar battery storage solutions are a hot topic in solar right now and solar energy storage is seen as the future of home energy and power management. The solar battery simply stores excess power produced by your solar panels so that you can draw on it later.

More customers are installing solar batteries for energy storage to help eradicate power bills, reduce their carbon footprint even further, and to help protect against blackouts or grid outages.

Solar battery prices are coming down and this new generation of batteries are the most cost-effective batteries so far with impressive features such as comprehensive internet, cloud-based monitoring, and battery management systems.

Australian Solar Designs experts provide the best suitable battery solution for your solar need and offer batteries from the industry leaders – LG Chem RESU, Triple Power from SolaX, and Redback battery. If you want to add a solar battery to your existing solar panels or do a new solar installation with a battery, contact us today for a solar battery price and free solar assessment.

Solar Battery Brands that We Trust

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Get Started with Solar + Battery

Your solar system is made up of panels, an inverter and an optional battery for storing your solar energy. Here’s how it works :

Solor power system

Benefits of Solar Battery System

  • tickReduce your electricity bills & avoid bill shock
  • tickIncrease your energy independence
  • tickLimit your losses as you come off a state-sponsored
  • tickfeed-in tariff
  • tickReduce your carbon footprint
  • tickTrade your energy on the grid
  • tickHelp build the grid of the future

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