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ABB Inverters

PVI-10.0-I/12.0-I (EMEA & APAC)

PVI-10.0-I/12.0-I (EMEA & APAC)

10 to 12 kW

This isolated inverter is optimized for use in any application that requires PV array grounding, such as some thin-film models. This inverter has also been designed to serve all countries and regions with specific field-configurable set-ups available for all major country grid codes and display languages.

The 10.0 kW and 12.0 kW isolated inverters have all the usual benefits, including dual input section to process two strings with independent MPPT, high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real-time power tracking and energy harvesting, as well as regular high performance efficiencies of up to 97.3%. The wide input voltage range makes the inverter suitable to low power installations with reduced string size. The high frequency isolated topology allows this unit to be lightweight and compact in size to help with transportation and installation. The unit is free of electrolytic capacitors, leading to a longer product lifetime. This rugged outdoor inverter has been designed as a completely sealed unit to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.


• True three-phase bridge topology for DC/AC output converter

• The HF isolation allows positive or negative ground configuration

• The unit is free of electrolytic capacitors, leading to a longer product lifetime

• Night wake up button to access energy harvesting data and error log


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20 to 27.6 kW

The three-phase commercial inverter offers more flexibility and control to installers who have large installations with varying aspects or orientations.

The dual input section containing two independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), allows optimal energy harvesting from two sub-arrays oriented in different directions.

The TRIO features a high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real power tracking and improved energy harvesting.


• True three-phase bridge topology for DC/AC output converter

• Transformerless topology

• Each inverter is set on specific grid codes which can be selected in the field

• Detachable wiring box to allow an easy installation

• Wide input range

• ‘Electrolyte-free’ power converter to further increase the life expectancy and long term reliability




33 kW

ABB’s three-phase PRO-33.0 string inverter is designed to meet the needs of the entire supply chain – from system integrators and installers to end users. The inverter offers cost-efficiency in a high power, wall-mountable package with very high conversion efficiency.

The all-in-one design, with built-in and monitored PV plant protection devices, reduces the need for costly external devices. The high maximum DC input voltage of up to 1100 V increases PV system design flexibility.

The inverter is available in 33 kW and is designed for medium and large de-centralized PV systems either on large-scale commercial and industrial rooftops or ground-mounted PV plants up to megawatt (MW) sizes.


• Compact, high power wall-mountable package

• High maximum DC input voltage of up to 1100 V

• Configurable all-in-one design

• Advanced grid support functions

• Safe and intuitive user interface

• Robust enclosure, with IP65 rating suitable for outdoor installation